Thursday, 23 December 2010

...and I am a Material Girl!

In the summer I was lucky enough to see the new fashion line created by Madonna and her daughter Lordes just a few days after it opened in Macy's in New York.
I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect but I actually really liked it. The collection has an extremely edgy, young vibe, but looking through the clothes, most could definitely be pulled off by an older audience.
I think it's clear straight away that the designs have been created by Madonna, the original Material Girl, and her daughter, who is fast becoming her mother. Known for her provocative and grungy style, Madonna has always been pictured in black, leather and lace amongst other exciting, fashion conscious and out-there pieces, and whilst the collection is of a slightly more conservative direction, due to it being aimed at teenage girls, the key trends and fabrics reflect this style.
And as for the price, its far more competitive and economical than I thought it would be.
So who knows, maybe we'll be seeing some of this over in England sometime soon, although it would be coming into a particluarly competitive market.

Check out the Macy's website to view the latest collection:


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